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Mars Madness Is Upon Us!

Adepticon Guild Ball Mars Madness Pre-Release

Huzzah!  Thank you!

So much has happened in a year that Mario and I are floored and humbled to be able to continue on with our adventure.  Without all of you, our customers, support, feedback, and excitement for the games you play, this wouldn't be possible!  So, in celebration of putting the first year in the history books, Mats by Mars has some opportunities & savings to share with you!



Got Guild Ball?

One of the big new players on the field (HAH!) is Steamforged Games's rabidly catchy and rapidly growing Guild Ball!  To join our host of Guild Ball compatible mats, we are proud to present the Limited Edition PRO BALL Pitch!  


But how do i get it...

This mat, previously only available to Retailers, Pundits, and Tournament Organizers, are now available for the month of March.  When you buy 3 mats with the Guild Grid, your order is then eligible for 1x PRO BALL Pitch!  This deal also extends to our retailers.  And if you're really gearing up your local Guild Ball scene and buy 10 mats with the Guild Grid overlay, get a PRO BALL Pitch for free!

Check out Guild Ball over at!



Mucho Mars Money!

To take things one step further, for all purchases till the end of March, you earn 5 Mars Money per $1 spent in the webstore!  Mars Money can be redeemed for discounts on any future purchases!  This Mars Money bonanza is a last blowout for the points system, so take advantage before it ends!  At the end of the month, everyone who has accrued enough Mars Money to qualify for a discount will be issued a coupon code equal to their points total. 


Things to Come...

March is going to be a hectic month that concludes with an exciting week/end at Adepticon (!  If you are going to be able to make it, we'll be walking about and playing some Malifaux/Guild Ball - please come say hi!  We'd love to meet you!  And remember, you can select the "Pick-Up" option during check-out to have any order hand delivered to you at Adepticon for free!


Oh... Whats that?  New mat designs to be released at Adepticon?  Please allow me to introduce Angel Asylum!


You can find it available here:

More images to come ;)

Until next time !


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