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Mats by Mars: Crime Alley (Bend Rd) Tabletop Wargaming Play Mat

Mats by Mars: Crime Alley (Bend Rd) Tabletop Wargaming Play Mat

$ 18.75

The Dark Nights of Crime Alley are always vigilant!  The streets of Gothropolis are some of the most dangerous in the world - super villains scheme, exploit, and terrorize our fair city!  Where are the heroes who will stand for the citizenry?  Who will save us?!  I am the Knight! 

Mat Options:

Available Sizes*:  90cm x 90cm, 36”x36”, 48”x48”, 36" x 72", and 48"x72", 44"x30", 44"x60", 44"x90"

Overlays:  Choose one of our optional subtle measurement overlays to make your games seamless and clear to all players and observers. Blank mats are also available! 

*Our mats are cut to exacting standards demanded by our customers.  Every mat is cut to exactly the correct dimensions for home and tournament play.  Our mats will not stretch or shrink over time. 

Related designs with differing road layouts can be found here:

Crime Alley (Intersection)

Crime Alley (Circle)


Suggested Terrain:

  • Modern Buildings
  • Cars / Street signs
  • Park paraphernalia (benches, grassy areas, trees, etc)

For more information about our mat options, material, and maintenance, check out our FAQ page.

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