Mats by Mars: Hab Blok C Tabletop Wargaming Play Mat

Size: 48" x 48"
Overlay: Blank
Sale price$ 55.00


From the creative mind of Miniatures Tim comes the dangerous streets of Hab Blok; where robotic voices and plasma discharges signal it's time to stay indoors and pray for heroes to save you.

Available in all sizes, and some with bonus variants!  The 4x4 mats have 6 different street layouts, the 4x6 mats have THREE layouts, and we even offer a 48" x 96" (4'x8') and a massive 48" x 144" (4' x 12') option!

Hab Blok is just one of the many designs offered by Mats by Mars that will perfectly fit your Infinity Sci-fi Miniature Game. Look around for more designs for Infinity in the Infinity Mats section.

Mat Options:

Available Size*:  48”x48”

Suggested Terrain:

  • Sci-fi Urban buildings

For more information about our mat options, material, and maintenance, check out our FAQ page.

*Our mats are cut to exacting standards demanded by our customers.  Every mat is cut to exactly the correct dimensions for home and tournament play.  Our mats will not stretch or shrink over time. 

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