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Caring for your Wargaming Play Mat

All nice things require a bit of care to  keep them.  Here are our suggestions on how to ensure you get the most out of your wargaming play mat:

Do not crease your mat

  • Our vinyl material is excellent at maintaining its form.  It is pliable, durable and tough.  However, should it become creased, it will hold onto that form as well.  Take care not to fold or kink your mat.  For best results, store your mat rolled with the image side facing out.
  • IF a crease should happen, lay your mat flat (in the sun if possible for a little warmth).  If the crease persists, try a flat weight (books) or fanning low heat air from a hair dryer on the affected area.  Be very careful when applying any source of direct heat to your mat, as too much heat will permanently damage the material.

Mat Storage:

  • We suggest storing your mat in the mailer it was shipped in (or another commercially available, appropriately sized, carrying tube), rolled with the image side facing out.  Both the material and print image on your mat are durable enough to handle transport in this way. 
  • Keep your play surface curl free by alternating the roll direction from time to time
  • If a curl begins to develop on the  edge of your mat, when you go to put it away next, rotate the mat 90 degrees before rolling (image side out, remember).  This will ensure that your mat always remains smooth and flat!
Our mats are compatible with most wet erase markers
  • That said, much like all whiteboards, some colors tend to adhere more strongly than others to a surface.  With small differences between marker brands and styles, we strongly recommend testing each marker on a small swatch of the mat; possibly on a corner or even the back side of the mat.  A bit of water and a soft cloth should be sufficient (no Windex /cleaning agent).
  • Also, like Whiteboards, leaving marker on the mat over an extended period of time may cause a trace, but visible discoloration.
Do not use solvents, detergents, or abrasive surfaces on your pretty new  mat
  • You wouldn’t take steel wool to your family photos would you?!  Warm water and a soft cloth should be enough to remove any potential grime.
  • Soap can also be an issue if not thoroughly rinsed away.  If water and a soft cloth won’t do it, dilute your soap to a thin solution, and ensure an adequate rinse..

But most of all - ENJOY playing on your mat!  Should you ever have an issue, please contact us at