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Stick to Basics Base Inserts - Good Looking Bases in Seconds

Hi! This is Mars and we are about to make your hobby life easier! Let us introduce you to the easiest basing product line on the market: Stick to Basics Base Inserts.

As gamers ourselves, we understand that creating elaborate & good looking bases can be a chore.  This simple truth is the reason that many bases are neglected on the tabletop.   If only there were a way to save time & money when reproducing the same effect across tens (or even hundreds) of models to be tournament ready...    

To ensure every model looks it's best, Mats by Mars is proud to present to you what we're calling the Stick to Basics Base Insertsbeautifully detailed pre-cut peel-&-stick inserts which instantly immerse your model into your setting.  In addition to looking great on their own, these inserts perfectly integrate into all Mats by Mars playmat designs!

In seconds, you too can have beautiful bases!  

Step 1: Have a blank/clean base ready!

Step 2: Align the base insert 

Take of the base insert from the sheet and align it with the inside of the base like so

Step 3: Gently press the base insert onto the base

While pressing the base insert lightly, start from one side of the edge, then move your thumb slowly towards the middle and then towards the other edge. This is to remove any air bubbles that can get trapped. If you see a ripple/wrinkle, stop and gently remove the base insert up and straighten it before you repeat this step. If done correctly, your base should look like this:


Step 4: Glue/Pin Your Model to the Base

Attach your model to the base.  If you prefer to glue only, superglue your model to the base; just like any other basing solution.  PVA glue will work, but provides only a weak bond that is removable (ideal for temporary applications).  If you prefer to pin (As with all bases, recommended for large/metal models), drill a small hole through the top of the base and glue as normal. Behold! Your model is done! NO MORE BLANK BASES! 


  Keep it simple - Stick to Basics!


Extra Credit:

Interested in taking just a little more time per base?  By investing  even minimal additional effort, your bases can pop even more! For instance...

Stick to Basics sample

Removing the base insert from the sheet and sticking it on the base, in 5 seconds you have a completed base (above left).  Want the multi-dimensional feel for your base?  I added a grass tuft on it (above right), and boom - 3 minutes per base!  I also sprayed the outer rim with a dark brown color with an airbrush to give it a more muddy feel.

Here's a top down view of the same bases so you can see the dark brown color on the one on the right better:

Adding the static grass or a bit of bark can kick it up another notch:



  This process is so simple - ANYONE can do it!