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Bundlesaurus Rex: Wild West

Bundlesaurus Rex: Wild West

$ 112.00

How would you like an entire table of terrain for your favorite game, playmat included, for a low price?  How about with a single purchase?  Well, do we have a product for you.  This bundle is so big, it can only be called a Bundlesaurus Rex!

Mats by Mars is collaborating with Angry Mojo Games to provide a full-service, single purchase table of terrain for your games of Malifaux, Wild West Exodus, Blackwater Gulch, or any other game that would take place in a good old fashioned boomtown.

 Included is the following:
  • One 6 inch by 8 inch building with swinging doors and a sign on front.
  • One 4 inch by 8 inch building.
  • Two 4 inch by 4 inch buildings, one with a sign on front
  • Two outhouses, just in case one of the jakes is occupied
  • A gallows that actually drop
  • 3 Flatbed rail cards measuring approximately 4-5" in length
  • 3 Boxcars with removable roofs, measuring approximately 4-5" in length
  • 4 feet of rail in 6" sections
  • 12 crates
  • Your choice of a beautifully designed playmat from Mats by Mars, with markings of your picking.
In total, if purchased separately with a 3x3 mat, this totals $136.  We sell it to you for a low price of $110.  Egads, what savings!  But it doesn't stop there!  The  4x4 mat, and 4x6 mat are also available!  Want a Overlay customization added to your mat?  Mention it in the comments of your order form, and we'll through it on for free!

All terrain is made of 3mm MDF, and is supplied unpainted and unassembled.  Your playmat is printed on ultra-durable vinyl banner.  Remember to roll your mat with the design on the outside to prevent curling.

Please note that this bundle is with a drop shipping agreement between Mats by Mars and Angry Mojo Games (www.angrymojogames.com), and will be sent in two shipments.  Because of logistics, a flat $15 fee for domestic shipping is applied.  For international orders, please contact MatsbyMars@gmail.com for a precise shipping quote.


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