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GCT Studios BUSHIDO PlayerAid Play Mat by Mats by Mars

GCT Studios BUSHIDO PlayerAid Play Mat by Mats by Mars

$ 35.00

Like most deep and rewarding tabletop games, there are things that need to be remembered:  tables, charts, order of operations, etc.  In the heat of battle make sure you get all of the rules correct and right at your fingertips with the Bushido PlayerAid Border!  

Get any of your favorite Mats by Mars designs, and the rules you need, all in one single package!  The example picture featured here is using our Green Meadow mat design.  


What's more, is you can include any two of these official Bushido Characters on your mat's perimeter!  Customize your mat, and support your clan!


Choose from the following heroes:

Mari Jung
Master Po
Yama Uba


If your proffered characters are not in the above list, please contact us and we'll work on getting the art! 

Mats available in 36" x 36" total size, with a 24" x 24" center playable surface.

What do you get from Mats by Mars?

  • A vibrant, scratch resistant, detailed design printed on ultra-durable heavy weight matte banner material suitable for the outdoors (let alone your gaming table). Each mat features a slight texture that keeps models from unwanted sliding.
  • A wet-erase compatible, easy to clean, waterproof mat that
  • An Anti-Curl mat that lays flat when you need it, and rolls up for easy storage when you don’t!

 Note:  Selecting example picture may not change based your drop-down selection.  Rest assured that we've got your selection correct!  Feel free to reach out to us through Contact Us with any questions.

All logo and rules text used with permission of GCT Studios. 


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