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Mats by Mars: Carousing City RPG Pack

Mats by Mars: Carousing City RPG Pack

$ 45.00

Every adventurer needs a night on the town from time to time, so why not set them loose in the Carousing City map pack!  In this 3 mat pack, you'll receive these three backdrops for goodhearted fun:

  • Gladiator's Arena (Blood & Sand)
  • Bustling City
  • Tavern/Saloon (Boardwalk)

Take your adventurers from the bars to the brawlin' with this one stop city-scape bundle

Mats by Mars Tabletop Wargaming and Role-playing mats are immersive backdrop for your gaming needs. 

What do you get from Mats by Mars?

  • A vibrant, scratch resistant, detailed design printed on ultra-durable heavy weight matte banner material suitable for the outdoors (let alone your gaming table). Each mat features a slight texture that keeps models from unwanted sliding.
  • A wet-erase compatible, easy to clean, waterproof mat that will last for years to come.
  • An Anti-Curl mat that lays flat when you need it, and rolls up for easy storage when you don’t!

Mat Options:

Available Sizes:  24”x24”





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