Mats by Mars: Dual Disturbance Tabletop Wargaming Space Play Mat

Size: 36" x 72"
Overlay: Blank
Sale price$ 72.00


Mats by Mars Tabletop Wargaming and Role-playing mats are immersive backdrop for your gaming needs.  Our Space mats are a fantastic setting for X-wing, Attack Wing, Rogue Trader, or other futuristic combat.

What do you get from Mats by Mars?

  • A vibrant, scratch resistant, detailed design printed on ultra-durable heavy weight matte banner material suitable for the outdoors (let alone your gaming table). Each mat features a slight texture that keeps models from unwanted sliding.
  • A wet-erase compatible, easy to clean, waterproof mat that
  • An Anti-Curl mat that lays flat when you need it, and rolls up for easy storage when you don’t!

Mat Options:

Available Sizes*:  36" x 72"

*Our mats are cut to exacting standards demanded by our customers.  Every mat is cut to exactly the correct dimensions for home and tournament play.  Our mats will not stretch or shrink over time.




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