Plastic Adjustable Wargaming Play Mat Carrier (24"L ~ 42"L)

Sale price$ 15.00


Transport your mats safely and securely in the adjustable plastic carrier!  This protective case is best suited to house our 24"x24" and 36"x36" Wargaming Play Mats with an adjustable shoulder strap and screw cap lid.

Each tube can easily accommodate up to 5 mats.  Due to shipping sizes, please include only 1 carrier tube per order, and only with mats size 36" or less!


Buying 3 Mats (shortest side 36" or less)? Input the coupon code "FreeWithThree" to get your complimentary mat carrier!

Alex's Note:  I've been using a tube to carry 6 mats, rolled tightly, and left in my car in ~90+ degree heat for 2 weeks at a time.  Mats continue to lay flat and do not show any signs of wear. 

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